8 New Diverse Princess Fairytales, Because Representation Matters

Diverse Princess Fairytales

Diverse Princess Fairytales

Every little girl deserves a Princess that looks like the little girl in the mirror.

The Princess All-Stars are a collection of 8 diverse princesses, all with different complexions, hair styles and types. Each with a Kingdom of their own, wealth and a story to tell.

When looking at childhood Princesses, little girls with brown skin are often forgotten as if it’s not important that they see themselves in the Princesses they idolise. 

The Princess All-Stars are designed to change that. We promise to give all little girls from here on out, a Princess that is beautifully brown and perfect in her own way, just like them.

Diverse Princess Fairytales

Princess Cassidy and Her Secret Disguise, is available to buy now!

Our first Princess All-Stars story in the series is ready to purchase now!  Journey with Princess Cassidy as she battles with the responsibilities of being a Princess and the freedom required to display her very secret, very special gift. 

Fun story all about discovering what makes you you, despite what your circumstances may be. 

Get your copy!

Princess Cassidy and Her Secret Disguise, is available to purchase from our online store now!

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