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We’re keen to build relationships with schools and education providers. Children are our main priority, getting our books in front of them is paramount to what we do. Read on for more information on our titles and how we can work together.

Currently, we have one book in the market, Mally &  Boom Boom and The Shape-Shifting Pet. This book journeys through a journey of great imagination with brother and sister duo Mally and Boom Boom. They finally get a pet, and spend the duration of the story trying to determine what that pet might be. They go through an array of different wild animals, and weigh up the pros and cons in a hilarious and thought provoking story. 

This story promises to be: 

  • Visually engaging. Our illustrations are of a high standard, using bright colours and conveying the text to visually stimulate the reader.
  • Thought provoking. Children get the opportunity to really think about different outcomes of not only the animals in the story, but any you wished to throw at them as an after reading activity. Additionally, it gives children an opportunity to test out their moral compasses in the process. Would a pet be happy in the human environment and if not why, for example?
  • Diverse. It’s a known fact that children’s literature isn’t diverse enough. Only 4% of children’s literature features a diverse character as a lead; when we think about how many out of that 4% actually make it in front of children, it’s much lower. Many books that do feature a diverse lead, do so because the content of their book relates to diversity, with topics about hair, or skin colour, or culture. Whilst those books are great, they reinforce the differences and don’t do much to normalise having diverse characters as leads of normal stories that ALL children can love. 
  • Fun. The most important thing out of everything is that our stories are fun and enjoyable for ALL children. 
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