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The Princess All-Stars are an 8 strong collective of beautifully ethnically diverse Princesses, each with their own Kingdom, life and story to tell. In a modern day society that is still not progressive enough to feature a collection of Princesses that is suitably diverse, the Princess All-Stars provide a selection equally as beautiful and tantalising as those that have come before.  

Readers will find subtle messages within each story, messages that don’t dominate the story, nor distract from the fun they’ll experience when reading. 

Both books within the series are curriculum friendly, encouraging the following:

– Responsibility/Accountability.
– Development of moral compass. 
– Ability to weigh up pros and cons.
– The importance of individuality.
– Multiple opportunities for open ended discussion.
– Encourages use of imagination in determining potential alternate outcomes. 


There is currently 1 title out within the series:

  • The Princess and Her Secret Disguise 

With a second title on the way in September  2021. 

  • The Princess and The Tiny Kingdom.

A third title on the way for November 2021:

  • The Princess and The Christmas Chaos.

And 5 titles to follow throughout 2022. 


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