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Mallidy Publishing is an independent Publisher, founded by Stacy Ramsey in 2018 when she realised her children were not being exposed to books with characters of colour outside of the home. 

An Author and avid reader herself, she knew she had to be apart of the solution considering it was something she felt so passionately about and so Mallidy Publishing was founded.


Our titles can be purchased from the following places:

- Mallidy Publishing (

- Gardners Wholesalers

- Waterstones

- Askews and Holts
We love Author visits; whether they be at schools, libraries or somewhere else; we love them all and can't wait to get back to doing them!

Author visits are chargeable depending on what arrangement each individual enquirer is seeking, but start at £75 for an interactive reading for up to 30 children; in a 30 minutes session.

Author visits all include at minimum:
- Book reading.
- Interactive question time.
- 1 Story related activity/game.



Aside from being enjoyable; children are forever learning and so with the many targets of the curriculum it makes the job a little easier for everyone if the books our kids love, are also adequately educational - which our titles are!

Our titles meet several target points under the KS1 curriculum and more information on how they meet these targets can be found on their individual pages by selecting the relevant link below.



Some parent feedback...

Brilliant book, my little boy is 1 and he loves it. Think I could read it off by heart now as he demands I read it to him so many times a day! A lovely book that would suit lots of different ages, I’m sure I’ll be reading this for a long time to come. Really fun illustrations too. Buy it!!

Holly Sarah

Absolutely lovely book with a story that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Both my 5 year old and 1 year old enjoyed the story and the repetition, especially “That would be a disaster!” which is destined to be a catch phrase in our house. The one year old was in fits of giggles throughout, and really enjoyed shouting “Boom Boom!”. Looking forward to reading about Mally and Boom Boom’s next adventure!

Claire Snoddon

Really enjoyed the first two stories and can't wait for the next. My niece is so excited by the princesses that actually look like her.

Lilly Brown

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