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"Kids shouldn't need a niche book to see characters that look like them."

Stacy Ramsey


Diverse Children's Literature isn't a niche category of books; or at least it shouldn't be. All children should be able to find books with characters that look like them and the people they love.

Mally & Boom Boom and The Shape-Shifting Pet

Mally & Boom Boom finally get a pet!
But what will it be? Will it be an insatiably hungry croc?
Or a curiously wandering Kangaroo? Will it be tall?
Or so very small?
Journey with them through an array of different potential pets with sometimes hilariously funny and sometimes shocking outcomes!

Will they get the perfect pet?

Mally & Boom Boom and The Candy Fruit Forest .

Mally & Boom Boom go fruit picking!

Will they pick the ripest, juiciest fruit? Or will they stumble upon an adventure they would never have expected? Journey with them as they learn that even too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

Will they learn their lesson?

The Princess and Her Secret Disguise.

Princess Cassidy of Calinterville takes readers on the first story from the 8 Part Princess All-Stars series. 

Being a Princess is extraordinary, but being a Princess with a special and secret gift is even more out of this world.

The only way to enjoy her special gift with her, is to take a seat and enjoy the story! 

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