We’re a Diverse and Inclusive Books Publisher. Research and statistics show that #RepresentationMatters in all areas of life and especially in Literature and the Arts. Reading has a profound impact on development, especially in children and in order for all children to fall in love with books; they have to see people that look like them on the pages.

Featured titles

“What makes us different?”


We aspire to create titles that are authentic in their representations of the communities they’re designed to enrich. 

community focused

We want to build a community of underrepresented Authors, Illustrators, Editors, Producers, etc; and ensure their professional involvement in Publishing.

engaging the youth

We also want to create programmes that will engage the Youth from those underrepresented communities and inspire them to follow Publishing careers.


We’ll be accepting Manuscripts in the following genres between 1st July 2022 and 31st July 2022. 

  • Children’s Picture Books. All ages
  • Children’s Board Books.
  • Young Readers Chapter Books. 7 – 11year target.
  • Young Teen Books. 12+
  • Children’s Non-Fiction Books.
  • Adults Novels in Romance or Drama. 
  • Adults Self Help Books.

Email with a brief summary of your Manuscript and the genre in which it fits. Include your name, and why you wrote this book. If we want to see the Manuscript; we’ll ask for it. Please don’t send Manuscripts without being asked. 

books to empower children.

Empowering Children through Literature is all about providing an accurate portrayal of people that look like them, or look like the people they love; in a positive, light hearted and enjoyable format. We create books that all children can enjoy;  they just happen to have characters from the least represented demographics.

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