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independent publishing house.

Mallidy Publishing was founded in 2018 by Stacy Ramsey, after she noticed that the literature her children were being exposed to outside of the house, never featured characters that looked like them unless they were focusing on a niche topic that explored differences and tolerance.

“I knew that was going to be damaging, there was no way that consistent reinforcement of racial differences was going to be positive” Stacy Ramsey said on the matter. 

It was then that she combined her love of writing (something those close to her knew she would always go on to do) and her passion for change, and created Mallidy Publishing; an independent publishing company that would create and bring to life pieces of literature that were fun, engaging and enjoyable and just so happened to feature black and diverse characters as leads. 

You won’t find stories that highlight the difference in our skin, our hair texture or anything of the sort; just well told stories that all children can enjoy irrespective of skin colour; they just so happen to have characters that represent those that are long forgotten within traditional publishing houses.



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