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Est 2018
5 Books
Community focused

London, 2018

Mallidy Publishing was launched in 2018, in London; when the founder became concerned with the fact that her children never brought home books from school that contained lead characters, that looked like them. There were two options available to her at that moment, accept it – or don’t; and in choosing the latter, Mallidy Publishing was born.  

Mallidy Publishing is committed to creating Diverse and Inclusive books and other works for art, for communities that are currently underrepresented in literature and other areas of the arts. 


Our plans going forward

We plan to be the leading diversity and inclusion focused Publishing House in the UK by 2024.  In order to achieve this we will:

  • Continue to build relationships with national retailers.
  • Continue to build relationships with educational establishments.
  • Publish the work of Authors who have created works to represent their underrepresented communities. 
  • Put on annual book festivals for Children. 
  • Contribute to all areas of art and media where diversity is concerned. 
Our next 6 months.

Within the next 6 months specifically, we intend to:

  • Secure equity investment to scale
  • Release 4 titles.
  • Start animation project.
  • Plus more.


Mallidy Publishing
Wholesale email: Partners@MallidyPublishing.com


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