Now more than ever, 

We’re in a time where Social media is growing rapidly and the impact it has on our day to day lives has spilled over into our children’s lives too. From YouTube to TikTok to Instagram, most of our children have access to some sort of Social Media. YouTube videos are filled with TikTok compilations and social media influencers; even quite young YouTube users would be able to name some of the most famous Social Media influencers out today.

Before social media influencers start to influence our children; they’re influenced largely by superheroes and princesses. Probably a little stereotypical, but quite honestly; largely accurate (at least for me) little girls love to dress up in a flowy dress with some obnoxious costume jewellery and those tiny little heels that click and clack all over the place. The world being such a diverse place; isn’t it a shame that our daughters have the same 13 ish princesses to look up to, with only 3 of them that I can think of, being black or brown. 

I popped out to get wrapping paper for my daughters gift and she is obsessed with all things princess.. yet the only princess paper I could find had not one brown Princess on it. Not one princess that would look like her on her own birthday.

Our children need images that look like the child in the mirror when they’re growing up, so that they can see with their own eyes that they are perfectly acceptable as they are. It’s one thing for us as their parents to tell them, but when society and the images available consistently tell them something different; we need to do one better and make sure we show them. Our daughters need to look in the mirror and see beautiful characters that they are in awe of, that have the same complexion as them, the same hair, the same features – it’s crucial. 

So yes, now more than ever we need diverse princesses. 

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