Is Yay an appropriate word to use?

This is a huge deal for me. Writing has always been something I’ve loved. Everyone who truly knows me, knows that I will always be found somewhere with a pen and paper; writing something… anything. It’s one of those things that is entirely about self gratification, that is until you decide to publish your work. Then it becomes something that is supposed to be fulfilled by ones self but is now more about what others think than what you do. Dangerous territory.

If you want to sell your book to thousands of children all over the world, writing the book is the easiest part. It’s everything that comes afterwards that is insanely difficult. You’re not just an author, you’re like every other entrepreneur out there in that you are the admin department, the marketer, the accountant, payroll – everything. It’s a very thankless career path to follow unless you hit the big time.

So getting recognised in this article is massive for me. I consider it the real start of my career, the real moment I thought “you’re good at this, keep going”.

I’m going to frame this and put it somewhere in my house so that I can get a pang of pride everyday, especially in the moments I’m ready to pack it in!

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