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"Children should not need niche books in order to see characters that look like them" - Stacy Ramsey

Welcome to Mallidy Publishing!

A Little About Us

Mallidy Publishing is an independent Publishing House, created with the sole intention of diversifying the literature that is available, primarily to (but not limited to) children.

We create fun, engaging and thought provoking stories that give the reader the opportunity to experience a sense of self by being represented in the literature they are exposed to. 

As a Publishing House; our practices are traditional in practice in that we understand it takes the perfect team combination in order to create a perfect piece of literature (as subjective as that is!). We do however, take pride in creating pieces of literature that represent an entire underrepresented demographic in a professionally finished product. 

Some of our readers said...

Our current titles...

Mally & Boom Boom

Brother & Sister Adventures

Brother and Sister duo Mally and Boom Boom experience every day adventures and use their impeccable imaginations to make normal situations, exciting and enchanting.

The Princess All-Stars

8 Part series of Princess Fairytales

An 8 part series of Diversity friendly and Inclusive Princess stories. Each Princess has a Kingdom of her own, with a story to tell in a fun and enlightening way; providing an opportunity  for girls of all hues to see themselves in the stories they love.

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