We’re a small Publishing House founded in 2018, with a view to ensuring literature has a more accurate representation of modern day society and to assist children from various diverse backgrounds with seeing faces that look like theirs in literature. 

We currently have 4 titles, 3 of which are series that are each made up of multiple pieces of Literature.


Mallidy Publishing was founded by Stacy Ramsey, who has always had a keen passion for writing. We hope to expand in 2021 and to be in a position to assist other authors into the industry. 

Our Titles

Read more about the Mally & Boom Boom series.Learn More

Read more about Princess All Stars series.  Learn More

Read more about the Winter McSplinter series. Learn More

Currently our shop is ONLY open for those wishing to get the above E-Book. It will open for Print of our titles in February 2021.

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